In BISES, there are a number of facilities available to our precious students to attend and engage in practical class activities and exercises. We try to provide our students real practical work to help them better understand the lessons that they are being taught in school.


As every school library, our aim is to ensure that all members of the school community have equitable access to our books. BISES provides our students a range of learning opportunities with a focus on intellectual content, and information literacy. Students can also borrow books for personal work.

In addition to classroom visits with collaborating teachers, the school library also serves as a learning space for students to do independent work, research materials; to host special events such as author visits and book clubs.

Science Labs (Biology, Physics & Chemistry)

BISES offers the students of IGCSE along with A levels with well equipped scientific equipments to facilitate practical lessons to get a better understanding of the topics. Students wear lab aprons or lab coats for safety. The equipments are to be handled carefully and the usage is safely instructed by the professors. 

Physics Laboratory

In the physics lab, students are taught about the concepts of matter, energy etc. along with how the study of physics is used and applied in our practical life. They are asked to conduct scientific research on topics and write a lab report on tasks which are performed in the laboratory.

Chemistry Laboratory

Future chemists in chemistry lab directly experience laboratory chemicals and their properties and reactions. They handle laboratory apparatus, and instruments. They are given practical approach on learning about the study of chemicals.

 Biology Laboratory

Students interested in medicine are taught about the human body in biology lab. They learn how the human body works and gather and prepare biological samples, such as blood, food, and bacteria cultures, for laboratory analysis and conduct biological tests and experiments.

Computer Lab

In BISES computer labs, students are given access to elaborated computer courses. They are provided with new modern computers for lessons.
The labs provide a time and space to develop computer skills through computer aided learning process which is not directly related to classroom curriculum. They are made aware with the computer’s software and hardware as well.
It also helps teachers to prepare lesson plans through visual aids or use Microsoft Office for electronic presentations about their lectures.
The aim is to make our students familiar with today’s technology and prepare IGCSE and A level examinations.