Vice Principal's Message

Mohammad Ali
Vice – Principal of BISES
2017 – Present

Message from the Vice – Principal of Bises

Dear Parents and Students

It is a matter of pleasure that I welcome you to our school website.

History is a cosmic struggle between goodness of God and badness of Devil; badness gets eliminated with the light of goodness representing emphatic breeze of education, as education is the fullest upliftment of body, mind and soul. Bangladesh International School (English Section), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia follows British Curriculum and consists of two sections: the Junior Section {UKG to G-2 (Co-education)} and the Secondary/Higher Section (G-3 to G-12) with separate boys and girls sections. It is such an educational institution emblematized by its international standard education service since 1990.

The present number of students at BISES, Riyadh is almost one thousand (1000) and teaching staffs from different countries are seventy (70). With the qualified seventy (70) teaching staffs, the journey from innocence to experience BISES leads in order to reaching its highest culmination of name and fame; the testimony is carried out by the students of BISES in every Board Examination throughout the world. BISES have achieved goodwill for its outstanding academic performance. From UKG to G-12, the students are nurtured according to their level of understanding with the trained teachers. From G-8 to G-10, the students are taught the IGCSE curriculum devised by the University of Cambridge International Examinations. The students in G-11 and G-12 are taught the A-Level curriculum devised by Edexcel. Each year the graduates go to world class universities in Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and other Anglophone nations for higher education.

As the students of BISES belong to different nationalities, we ensure a cultural harmony among all the students. We celebrate special days and occasions marking Bangladesh’s Victory Day and Independence Day, International Mother Language Day, Bengali New Year, Spring Fair and Book Fair. Special programs are organized and hosted by the students and the teachers. The school also conducts activities like Debates, Speech competition, the Quran competition, Spelling Bee and general knowledge competition. The Board of Directors encourage and inspire the winners and participants with prizes each and every year.

In fine, we aim to creating a safe learning environment built on positive relationship and developing the whole student socially and academically. We care for and appreciate each of our students as the unique individual; we prepare them to take their challenges heading for being modern in thoughts and actions of their future life.

Life is a track of change and change can’t be changed
without being educated and being in range
Of Knowledge: Truth and Justice
Necessary to be necessary in term of establishment
A society, a nation, a country and a world of accomplishment
For the day and the day coming to the next
With a motto “Live for nothing but die for something; education is everything.”

Mohammad Ali
Vice Principal