Everyone knows students are the heart and soul of any academic establishment and thats the same here in BISES. BISES believes in creating an energetic environment that is designed to provide students with a pleasurable academic understanding, and enriching learning experience both in and outside of the classroom. We focus on helping students of all different backgrounds. The objective is to learn together, and develop skills and traits that will help them in their future


Every school year, the school hosts a number of special activities for students to participate and be involved in. Every student is asked to participate and complete so that they can gain special skills and uncover their hidden talents. Doing so helps students to feel part of the school. The activities range from:
1. Debates
2. English Speaking
3. Art competition
4. Quran recitation competition
5. Spelling Bee & General Knowlegde
6. Sports Week (Including Football & Cricket)
7. Fieldtrips
8. Winter & Science Fair.


Similar to special activites, the school also hosts special occasions where they commemorates special days marking Bangladesh’s Victory Day and Independence Day, National Mother Language Day and Bengali New Year. Special programs are organized and hosted by the students and the Bengali Culture department. These include poetry, songs, dramas, dances, etc.

On the National Mother Language Day, a book fair is held by students for everyone including teachers and parents in school premises. On 16th December we celebrate the Nation’s Victory Day. On 26th March, we celebrate the Independence of the Nation. Finally the Bengali New Year, where we celebrate the new calender year of Bangladesh.

We also host an annual school picnic as a special day for the students and everyone involved with the entire BISES community.