Why Choose Us

BISES is a multifaceted educational experience which will prospectively prepare students to embark on their academic journey. To better prepare the students, our holistic approach comprises of well-structured courses that stimulates creative thinking and spurs innovative thought process for a better tomorrow. Moreover, our professionally trained and well-educated teachers constantly monitor and evaluate our students’ academic performances. 

We believe extra-curricular activities is a primal part of education, hence our resources are dedicated to enhance students’ lifestyle via sports and events. Our students attain hands-on experience to develop competent skills and progressive mindset through opportunities for volunteering, arts, science exhibitions, cultural shows and much more.

This makes sure students attain diverse experience and allows them to filter out their career pathways for the future. Whether it be a leader, or a teacher, our alumni stands as a strong example of successful professionals in their areas of interest.

Requirement Criteria

Please read the following points carefully, regarding school admission:

01 – Age of LKG students should be below 5 years by 31st’ August 2019.
02 UKG students must complete 5 (five) years of age by 31st’ August, 2019 for  admission in 2019 – 2020 session.
03Please keep the serial number provided along with application form as this will be the admission test roll number or ID number.
04 – Last day of application submittal: 28th August (Wednesday) 2019 (within school hours to secretary).

05 Admission test: 30th August (Friday), 2019 at 8:00 a.m. in Boys  wing (Admin Building).
06 Application form and Entry test fee SAR 100 1- Only.
07 –  School administration reserves the right to cancel any application due to lack of  documents.

You are kindly requested to submit the following documents along with properly filled  application papers.

01 – Copy of student’s & parent’s (Father’s & Mother’s) valid Passport.
02 Copy of student’s & parent’s (Father’s & Mother’s) valid Iqama.
03 – Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate (to establish authenticity of the date of birth).
04 – Copy of Child’s Vaccination Certificate.
05 – Statement of results (from Grade 1 to Grade 10) from the previous school.
06 – Original Transfer Certificate and the Promotion Certificate of the student from the school last attended.
07 – Certified copies of statement of results and IGCSE Certificates (for A/S & A Level  admissions)
08 – Three (03) copies of recent Photographs of passport size.
09 – Approval / permission letter from Ministry of Education (MoE) for Non — Bangladeshi students is mandatory to submit along with submitted admission form to  proceed with the admission procedure.

Md. Bazlur Rashid,
Principal, BISES       

Dr. Sheikh Mohammad Ahsanul Hoque Chairman,

The Fees Structure For Bangladeshi Students :


  • Registration Fee: SAR 1500.00
  • Session Fee: SAR 100.00 once a year & at the beginning of the session.
  • Re-Continuation: All the previous unpaid dues must be cleared at the time of Re-Continuation.
  • Registration Fee, Tuition Fees & Transportation Fee are Non-refundable.
  • Other charges (if any) will be the same for Bangladeshi & Non-Bangladeshi students.

For Non-Bangladeshi students tuition fee structure is different. 
The information is available from Accounts.

Md. Bazlur Rashid,
Principal, BISES       

Dr. Sheikh Mohammad Ahsanul Hoque
Chairman, BISES


To print and get the complete school application form, download from the link below.