Message from Economic Minster of Bangladesh Embassy of KSA

Message from Economic Minster of Bangladesh Embassy in Saudi Arabia

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Bangladesh International School, English Section (BISES), Riyadh, a Bangladesh community school for mainly expats in Saudi Arabia (Mostly Bangladeshis), founded in 1990 is supervised by Bangladesh Embassy and Ministry of Education in Riyadh (MOE). The school has international, well-experienced faculties with a driven common goal to educate students on how to overcome any hardship in life with a different perspective.

Being honest, I feel proud and honored to be the supervisor appointed by the embassy and also to see the school developing with the fast-paced world by opening its official website with the help of our alumni. The alumni group, known as BISES Alumni Association (BAA) was handed, under my supervision, the responsibility of the whole detailing and making of the website as well as to create a platform of its own for the first time in the history of BISES and any private International schools under Bangladesh Embassy in Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, the school exceeds all expectations in academic achievements and other curricular activities. BISES is currently stated as one of the top private schools in Saudi Arabia following British Curriculum (IGSCE and Edexcel) in terms of academic excellence where our students have often achieved highest scores in their tests. Not only our students achieve academic recognition, but also, their participation in events and activities like sports, national and International competitions, volunteering organizations, community activities etc. are very well acknowledged. 

In short, I am overwhelmed with joy to be a part of this great movement and that it highlights the name of Bangladeshi People here in Saudi Arabia and Worldwide wherever our alumni reach as they tend to flourish and excel regardless of what life has for them. This has been possible because of our intensive yearly training to our faculties and stuffs to create an enjoyable, safe, creative and learning environment for the students.

Dr. Mohammad Abul Hasan
Economic Minister of Bangladesh Embassy, Riyadh, KSA.